Residential Pest Control

Homezone Perimeter Guard Services

HomeZone Perimeter Guard 

Our initial service consists of a thorough inside service as well as 20 foot perimeter barrier around the exterior of your home. We also focus on all entry points found on the exterior of the home such as windows doors and eaves. The technician will also sweep out the eaves to remove spider webs and debris. After the initial service, our office staff will call approximately three months later to notify you of the date and time that we will be providing your outside service. At that time, or any time between your quarterly services, you may have the inside of your home served at no additional charge. The inside of your home will only be serviced at your request. The quarterly service must be kept on the schedule to receive these services at no charge. This service is perfect for busy families because we are able to take care of your pest problems at your convenience.

HomeZone Perimeter Plus

We target pests by treating places where pests like to hide, but away from your pets and your family. The difference between this service and HomeZone Perimeter Guard is that we will treat the inside of your home with each service. The outside of your home will be treated with this service as well.
This is the perfect service plan for homes experiencing a high pressure of bugs and pests, or for the customer who would like the peace of mind in knowing their technician will always be servicing the areas inside the home.

This service will always be scheduled beforehand by our head office. No surprise visits!

Additional Services Available

  • Yard Service for Fleas and Ticks
  • Live Animal Removal
  • Moles and Gophers
  • Mosquito Services
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Rodent Service
  • Fire Ants