It isn’t necessary to locate a Bed Bug specimen to identify an infestation, necessarily. Their excrement leaves brown and black stains on mattresses and linens, and bloodstains may be visible where bed bugs have been accidentally crushed.

Bed bugs are flat and small in size, which allows them to hide easily from view during the day when they are not active. They hide in mattresses, bed frames, curtains, bedding, furniture, carpets, electrical outlets, baseboards, and amongst clutter. They are most commonly found in the seams of mattresses or inside of box springs.

One fertile female bed bug in a friendly environment such as a single or multiple-family dwelling is an infestation that is waiting to happen. A healthy, blood-fed female can produce from 200-500 healthy eggs during her lifetime and may lay from 2-5 eggs each day. The likelihood of an infestation is extremely high unless your pest management professionals are employed to eliminate the infestation.