Rodents often live in hidden areas within homes, including storage boxes, attics, lofts and wall interiors. Often capable of fitting through extremely small openings in floors, walls and foundations. After they enter homes, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

Mice living within walls rarely leave their nests during daylight. Their presence is made obvious by gnawing and clawing sounds. Before attempting extermination methods, homeowners should properly identify their pests as mice. Other pests are also known to reside within walls and may require a customized method to control them. Droppings and tracks are often visible in homes experiencing mouse infestations. Holes are also visible in walls, floors, ceilings and foundations. Due to their nesting and feeding habits, mice cause significant damage to human food sources and wooden surfaces. Bite or chew marks in these areas often indicate the presence of mice.

Squirrels are not likely to create a problem unless the population becomes so large that they begin to inflict damage or invade homes. Then, action must be taken or the results can result in some serious consequences, including damage and potential health-related issues.