Around your home's perimeter, we work to prevent pests from entering by creating an effective boundary that controls pests and keeps them away.

Our program includes:

  • Identifying pests or their signs
  • Searching for possible entry points and recommending physical barriers
  • Determining the most effective treatments, these may include but are not limited to           liquid sprays , baits, coarse or fine grain chemical solution
  • using effective long lasting treatments
  • conducting ongoing evaluation and treating when necessary

Our initial service consists of a thorough inside service and a 20 ft. perimeter barrier around the exterior of your home. We also focus on all entry points found on the exterior of the house including windows, doors and eaves, removing all unsightly spider webs and debris.

After your initial service our office staff will be calling you approximately three months later to establish a date and time for our quarterly outdoor service. At this time, or any time between these quarterly services you may have the inside of your home serviced at no additional charge. Note: The inside of your home will be serviced only if you notify us. The quarterly pest service MUST be kept on schedule to receive re-services at no charge. This is the perfect service for the busy and on the go family, we can take care of your problems at your convenience.

Home Zone Perimeter Plus

Our goal at Allstate Pest Solutions is to eliminate bugs and pests in your yard and home and to keep those pests from ever coming back. Our Perimeter Plus service will greatly increase the chance of your home staying pest free for life.