Why do businesses and commercial enterprises need pest control?

Many businesses now subscribe to the International Standards Organization ISO 9000 quality standards. These businesses often are required to maintain extremely high standards, or they could lose their certification and even their customers. iso 9000

If your business is in this category, then you NEED professional pest control. You must have a program of pest management that inspects, identifies, records, and immediately corrects pest problems. You can rely on Allstate Pest Solutions to work with you in setting up a pest management program that will meet the certification requirements of your business.

Warehouses and Factories

Since we live in a world inhabited by a huge number of insects and other pests, we can expect that the building that we work in might often be visited by an assortment of small creatures.

In order to retain quality employees, you must assure them that their work place is pest-free. People love to bring in and store personal items such as lunches, snacks, drinks, potted plants, etc, and these items can inadvertently harbour pests. When this happens, you can reduce pest populations by eliminating these items, but you still may need the services of a professional to eliminate the problem.

Even without ISO 9000, you want your warehouse or factory to be as pest-free as possible. Pests cause loss of inventory, damage to structures, and hassle for the occupants. Call us now to protect your investment.

Restaurant and Food-Handling Facilities

We don't need to tell you that restaurants and other facilities where food is handled and prepared requires special pest management skills and treatment. Risk of contamination by pests, or visible pests such as roaches can result in the immediate loss of customers or closure of business.

Food must be protected from pests and pesticides as well. Don't rely on in-house solutions. We are the experts in this area, and we can handle all of your pest problems in a cost-effective manner. Call us for an appointment. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your facility, and recommend a treatment program designed for your specific needs.

Office and Small Business

Many businesses are open 9-5, or have a small number of employees that are working hard for the company. There is no time for pest control, and any distraction takes away from the primary activity of the business. The employees don't want to deal with pests, but they don't want to be disturbed by a technician spraying smelly, offensive chemicals around their desk either.

We can tailor a program for you that minimizes the disturbance, reduces the fear of pesticide exposure, and still works toward reducing the pest population.